With the sun as a example!

INFRA-SOL Infrared heaters

Energy efficient heating!

The most natural source of heat is the sun. For millennia, humans have tried with varying degrees of success, to get close to this ideal. But through an infrared heater from INFRA-SOL, you can now enjoy all the advantages of modern heating technology:

Best energy efficiency!

Almost all the input power is converted into infrared waves. That's about 35% more efficient than many competitor products

  • Clean and efficient
  • Typical warm-up is not necessary
  • Space-saving and variable design
  • Beneficial and healthy

The most natural source of heat is the sun.

For millennia, humans have tried with varying degrees of success, to get close to this ideal. But through an infrared heater from INFRA-SOL, you can now enjoy all the advantages of modern heating technology: Through an infrared heater you can save on heating costs and maintenance costs and enjoy a completely new living comfort - without bulky radiators or storage vessels.


Individual and exclusive

Heating with infrared waves will change the way how you think about warmth. Because future heaters will have to compete with this new standard in individual planning, exclusivity and convincing functional design.

Discreetly and effectively

Infrared radiant heaters are almost as invisible as wall or floor heating systems. Only when you know what it is, you recognizes them as heaters. This makes them ideal for installation in demanding buildings or for quick retrofitting of rooms. Because infrared heating panels are incredibly flat and can be mounted with little effort on walls or on the ceiling.


The combination of infrared heating panels with electricity from renewable sources is ideal. But simply by switching to infrared radiation heating you are contributing to lower energy consumption and a future with fewer emissions. This way we are already working today on the heating solutions of tomorrow.

Infrared heating increases the quality of life and saves costs


Due to the low installation depth of only 25mm INFRA-SOL heaters are suitable for extremely space-saving and for both wall and ceiling mount. INFRA-SOL only requires a power supply. This will save you additional pipelines, the boiler room and a storage room for fuel. The attractive, aesthetic design opens up completely new possibilities for interior room design without dominant, bulky radiators. In addition to use as a full, supplementary or transitional heating for house, apartment, office or workshop, INFRA-SOL is also ideal for drying damp walls and cellars.


INFRA-SOL is maintenance-free, thus eliminating any maintenance costs. Heat losses are significantly reduced by the heat radiation, which leads to an appreciable reduction of the cost. INFRA-SOL heaters allow also a fast and effective heating of individual rooms at any moment. This flexibility helps specially in the spring and autumn months to save energy.


INFRA-SOL heaters bring healthy life, vitality and quality of life. This very elegant Heat panel produce invisible infrared radiation which is very healthy and is used in medicine to treat pain and stimulate healing processes. Rheumatism, osteoarthritis and joint pain are very relieved by infrared radiation. Also the climate in the house or the apartment is much healthier than with other heaters. INFRA-SOL heaters heat the masonry and not the air. Thus, the walls remain dry and mold, which is produced by condensing warm air on cold surfaces, has no chance. A unique experience, it is summer in the house. No stuffy and overheated rooms more where one already hurts the head, but his feet are still cold, no more sick children who played on the ground and are now cold. Despite tiled floor you can walk barefoot. Even in bathrooms very pleasant!

The infrared heat technology - so you can heat efficiently

Conventional heaters have a weak spot: they heat up in a limited area the ambient air, bring it to circulate and whirl up fine dust. INFRA-SOL - heaters provide heat energy instead directly on walls and other surfaces from where it is stored much longer. The result is dry walls where mold has no chance. The indoor climate is more uniform and healthier.

Flexible set up:

Infrared heaters not only save a lot of energy, but also a lot of work, because they can be installed easily and require no maintenance. Annoying venting of clogged lines are a thing of the past. You only need a suitable place on a wall or ceiling and a power connection.

Healthy warming

As nature intended. Man regulates its body temperature through the skin. Our immune system therefore reacts very positively to infrared waves, because they give us the feeling to be able to enjoy a sunny day and warm up evenly from head to toe.


INFRA-SOL infrared heaters:

»Objects and walls stay dry and give off heat. »Infrared heat has a positive effect on the immune system. »Affordable purchasing price and energy-efficient in operation.



Convection heaters:

» Humid air can form mold and destroyed buildings. » Air circulation raises dust. » Temperature differences in the space promote the draft.

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